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I am from Thailand, whose culture instill in me my core values and how I lead my life. Personally I feel that in the place where I was born, fashion is not commonly embraced by the populace as a primary concern in life; I consider it a blessing in disguise because it motivates me to go out and learn about fashion from elsewhere. Another upside is the opportunity I have to bring ideas from within to the rest of the world.


Also I learn and inspired so much from witnessing good examples of successful designers, to name a few: Nicolas Ghesquiere, Tom ford, and Victoria Beckham. Through them I learn: creativity, craftsmanship, their visionary, and humility.


Me and my work spontaneously approaching to the notion of being contemporary; the combination of different beliefs and influences. As a fashion designer, the latest collection I produced truly captured who I really am. The collection represented a combination of superficial reality and abstract structural form translating from a set of collages, tied and presented with society satire. 

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