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Youth Has No Age

Thai traditional silk for Thais are considered as an old-fashioned and usefully will be worn and associatively to the elderly. Though if we look into it in a different perspective, Thai silk is one of the most precious and beautiful fabric out there, similarly to the european’s tweed, etc. 

Thai Sai Sabai competition in my idea and vision. The word Sai Sabai meaning worn comfortably, but also I wanted to give it an edge. Adding modernity and ‘newness’ to the designs. For the newer and younger generation to be 'comfortably associated’ with, to be a lifestyle garments.

The concept were evolve around ‘streetwear’ which can be easily related to teenagers and hipster, bringing this vibe into Thai silk. 

The combination of traditional textured and pattern of fabrications in a very modern form, details and cutting create an unexpectedly desirable garment pieces.  

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