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"The modern wouldn't be called modern when there's no classic exists to be compared to, and the classic wouldn't be embraced and appreciate without the contrary of modernism, to me it is a very beautiful relationship and a great balance when the two united, it create something quite extraordinary, unique and beautiful"

Thai Contemporary

The collection is formed through the design language of architectures, a comparison and combination of modern and Thai traditional where both design languages and cultures collided. Using Frank Gehry, Guggenheim museum and Wat Pra Geaw temple as a catalyst.

The highly decorative detailed of Wat Pra Geaw temple inspired the hand beading technique while the silhouettes are formed by the chaotically expressed shapes, like moving object from the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry. 
Houndstooth representing western and global trend while thai silk and embembellishment representing eastern culture and traditional fabrication

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